When it comes to large parts and heavy-deposition welding, only a truly heavy-duty solution will suffice. Tri-State Automation’s large dual positioner robotic welding cells deliver maximum power for performance on a whole new scale, without sacrificing safety features and ease of integration that characterize our smaller work cells.


  • Power & Performance: Able to handle parts up to 5 m in size and total payloads up to 6,300 kg, these work cells are ideal for the labor-intensive jobs involving large parts or heavy deposition.
  • Ease of Integration: Big doesn’t have to mean complicated. Dual positioner work cells arrive at your facility ready to weld. They are pre-assembled on a common base for quick setup and relocation.
  • Modular & Scalable: Grow your productivity without expanding your space. These work cells scale easily from a single station to a two-robot dual station with multiple configurations in between that help you adapt to changing demands.
Dual Positioner Robotic Weld Cell