Having multiple parts to weld doesn’t always require the use of multiple complex work cells. Tri-State Automation’s Dual Station robotic welding cells offer two workstations with the choice of table or part positioner (providing the ability to mix and match). Process different parts in each workstation, or duplicate and expand production on the same part. The compact size and common base allow you to deploy this system quickly on your shop floor.


  • Cost- and Space-Efficient: Dual station weld cells arrive at your facility pre-assembled on a common base for quick setup and relocation. These two-station work cells can occupy a typical single-station space.
  • Optimal Flexibility & Workflow: Able to handle parts up to 1 m in size and total payloads up to 550 kg. The two-station setup allows for quick changeovers for a higher mix of part variations. Custom table sizes and workspace is available upon request.
  • Maximum Throughput: Weld with a dual-station design that enables you to maximize uptime for higher volume runs, improving both speed and quality.
Dual Station Robotic Weld Cell