Automation means speed and efficiency, and Tri-State Automation’s Ferris Wheel robotic welding cell maximizes both with multiple robots, space-saving indexing positioners, and coordinated motion between the robot and positioned part. Built for the most demanding production environments, this weld cell will have your medium and larger parts processed with incredible productivity and quality.


  • Ultimate in Automation: Indexing Ferris Wheel offers the smallest footprint and fastest cycle time, while offering coordinated motion and easy tooling swaps in a maintenance-free positioner design.
  • Hyper Productivity: Accommodates up to three robots for maximum arcs on in an efficiently sized work cell to give you faster cycle times and more parts produced.
  • Safety First: All of our systems have completed risk assessment and meet or exceed all RIA and ANSI requirements to keep your employees safe and OSHA satisfied.
Ferris Wheel Robotic Weld Cell