Tri-State Automation’s Static Table Robotic Welding Cell System is ideal for fabricators with lighter volume requirements for small to medium-size part welding. The single or dual workstation configuration features a fixed tooling table or a servo-driven headstock. The dual workstation configuration is available with fixed tooling tables. It allows one part to be loaded or unloaded while the other part is being welded and eliminates sweep time of the part positioner between part processing. The work cell features a single, dual, or triple high-speed, 6-axis robot.


  • Simple and Safe: Safeguarded manual workstations with easy-to-use operator stations.
  • Lean Manufacturing: Minimize waste while increasing efficiency and quality by adopting automation into your current workflow.
  • Modular & Scalable: Increase your productivity without expanding your space. These work cells scale easily from a single station to a two-robot dual station, with multiple configurations in between that help you adapt to changing demands.
Static Table Weld Cell
Robotic Welding Systems Integrator