Inspired by one of Tri-State Automation’s first and most popular robotic weld cell designs, this turntable robotic welding cell system utilizes a turn table to index parts for processing while the operator loads and unloads parts. Designed to be highly portable, the common base and integrated design allow this work cell to be deployed quickly anywhere in your plant.


  • Ease of Integration: Designed on a single common base for simplified shipping, setup, and portability, eliminating cable management and alignment issues.
  • Fast and Dependable: A single- or dual-robot setup with servo turn table positioner ensures fast cycle times, while reliably producing high quality parts.
  • Ergonomic and Safe: A convenient, straightforward operator station, comfortable part loading height, and overhead crane access make this work cell easy to operate across all shifts. All ArcWorlds are designed for operator and programmer safety and to exceed all applicable safety standards.
Turntable Robotic Weld Cell